Bill Wilson


Message from the CEO

If you have gotten this far on our website, you will have detected that we view our role in the construction industry as partners with our clients to find the best solutions for their window and commercial glazing needs. I am humored at times when I am introduced as the “window installer” or the “glass guy”. Technically, we are contract glaziers and even that is an inadequate description of what we do, because it is a broad reaching description. We are geared for multi-product, low rise applications. Typically we work 8 stories or less in building height and we will install commercial windows, architectural windows (life-cycle tested), or retrofit historic windows along with the required curtain wall and/or storefront, entrances, and all remaining glass applications for a project.

As partners on a project, we participate in making decisions about what is best for the owner and how any decision may have a price, logistic, or quality impact. We also maintain close relationships with our manufacturers so we can keep up with the rapidly changing technology and engage them to support the project’s architect providing details and technical data. Frankly, manufacturers and their representation want an owner to buy their products for the window replacement or glazing applications. We want the owner to buy the right products for the project so we direct the owner to what we think is best based on our experience as a qualified buyer and installer of these products for 30 years.

Thirty years and going forward. Our home grown staff, led by Spencer Todd COO, is positioned to move into the future and hopefully in 2040, Specified Systems Inc. will still regularly appear in trade magazines as one of America’s Top 50 Glazing Contractors. More important, we will remain a reliable employer providing security and opportunity to our employees and their families and remain an important partner to our clients providing quality products and solutions for their buildings.


Bill Wilson
Chief Executive Officer