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Innovative Energy Solutions for Commercial Windows and Doors

Our Commitment to Innovative Energy Solutions and Green

Specified Systems Inc. is committed to Green building principles and practices. We support Green initiatives by ––providing innovative energy solutions for our customers, promoting and utilizing energy efficient products and applying Green principles and practices in our every day business operations internally and externally.

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Innovative Energy Solutions
Specified Systems is a sustainability-focused company. We assess each project and provide innovative energy solutions that best satisfy the custom needs of our customers. Our assessments and solutions involve providing energy efficient quality products that adhere to the strictest testing and certification procedures. We use our own direct workforce to ensure quality and efficiency. Our Installation team is highly trained which eliminates field mistakes and costly overtime. Our goal is to continually provide our customers with cost effective options that save energy, use fewer resources, and provide occupants with a comfortable and healthier environment.
Specified Systems and Technology…...Going Green

At Specified Systems, we are committed to eliminating as much paper as possible. We’ve made a substantial commitment to software and hardware that will make us prepared when the industry goes paperless.

  • All engineering and shop drawings are generated in house
  • Architectural files, when provided, allow us to overlay our systems directly in to the designers working drawings for the project
  • Files are transferred throughout our management chain as Adobe PDF files
  • Files are transferred to our suppliers and clients with notes using Adobe comments
  • We have the ability to view plans and specifications through PBX, SMART-BID, and a variety of other formats
  • We currently work in CONSTRUCTWARE and TEXTURA
  • All billing is automated and submitted electronically
  • From our Canonsburg office, we have visual teleconferencing capability